Experience Our Blackfoot Style Teepees

Step into a world of traditional craftsmanship with our authentic Blackfoot style teepees. Available in various sizes, these teepees are more than just shelters; they're a portal to cultural heritage and timeless design. Crafted from durable double fill 12oz canvas, each teepee promises strength, longevity, and a true connection to the past.

Whether for educational purposes, cultural events, or personal enjoyment, our Blackfoot style teepees bring a touch of authenticity and craftsmanship to any setting. With our commitment to quality and tradition, each teepee we supply is not just a product, but a piece of culture

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Product Features

  1. Authentic Design: Our teepees are designed in the traditional Blackfoot style, offering an authentic experience steeped in cultural history.
  2. Robust Construction: Made from strong double fill 12oz canvas, our teepees withstand the elements, ensuring durability and reliability.
  3. Various Sizes Available: Catering to different needs and space requirements, our teepees come in a range of sizes, perfect for educational, ceremonial, or recreational use.
  4. Repair and Reinforcement Services: We provide expert repair and reinforcement for damaged teepees, along with replacement of any missing parts, ensuring your teepee remains in excellent condition.
  5. Teepee Liners for Added Comfort: For an additional fee, we supply teepee liners that offer extra insulation and comfort, enhancing your experience.
  6. Complete Set with Teepee Doors: Each purchase includes a teepee door and bag, completing the authentic look and feel of your traditional shelter.

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