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Play Factory Trampolines are recognized as being the strongest built trampolines available. They are generally 35% to 75% stronger and more durable than other trampolines.


Play Factory uses American steel for the simple fact that the tubing is seamed on the inside of the tube rather than on the outside of the tube. This eliminates rusting around the seamed area. Play Factory Trampolines are the only trampolines that are specifically designed to withstand extreme weather elements such as heat, cold, snow, rain, and humidity.

Play Factory also offers a pad and mat replacement service. Replace those worn out, low-quality trampoline parts with Play Factory's high-quality, durable pads and mats.

Authorized distributor for Play Factory. All of our trampolines are manufactured in Calgary, AB! 🇨🇦

Looking for trampoline repairs? We've got you covered! 

We offer minor trampoline repairs to holes, tears, seams rips, and tab reattachment. We also have replacement springs available for most trampoline models.

Take a look at all the sizes available from Play Factory:

Click on the picture to see more information on that model.

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